Different data Vantage Console and NOAA report :(

hi brian,
today I noticed something wrong:

in the noaa report are other data registered than the vantage pro console says.

for example:

at august 1st: noaa t max: 30,9 at 15.27 / console 31,1 at 15.22 or
at august 2nd noaa tmax: 32,2 at 15.37 / console 32.8 at 15.28.

this bug occures at every day!

I am using vers 9.84e.

Please help. Thanks!


what happens with this bug??? when will it be corrected?


is the console time the same as the pc time?
the noaa log in wd is based on 1 minute temperatue average (i.e from the wd log file), and hence that is most likely to be the reason for the differences in the reading AND the timeā€¦i.e its not really a bug but a result of the difference the 2 systems come to show the readings