Dialup Connection

Due to the remote location of my weather station and PC I need to connect to the internet by GSM modem using GPRS data transfer. Data uplaod volume is a concern as Kbytes cost money. I have WD and WDL working at home perfectly with my ADSL connection to the internet. When I started testing with GPRS I get some strange results.

First step. Establish a dialup connection, No problem ( I can surf the net and get access to normal websites)
step 2. Start WD and straight away 1Mbyte is transferred over the next 25mins. Bearing in mind NO FTP icon appears in the system tray. Even when I go throught the same procedure above but stop WD straight after starting the program, something is still transmitting data towards the internet.

Are their any links to similar problems or solutions? I got as far as page 8 on the forum before giving up.

there are 2 programs that do the ftp
ftpupd.exe and clientrawrealtimeftp.exe

check those are running with task manager?
also check for any spyware or similar