Dials are identical instead of different

Edit 25-2-2003: Bug was fixed in v9.60c !!!

Hi Brian… to keep you busy :wink: :

I have changed my static dials to animated ones, but the averagedial.gif, gustdial.gif and directiondial.gif are identical when ‘dynamic’. Only the direction dial is animated (it looks like the others are too, but it is constantly the same image).

I have done some checks on older versions of WD (could go back to 9.49) and they all do the same… static : no problem / dynamic : identical.

Pictures are ‘live’ from my website… running WD 9.60




Cheers, Aad

on the main wd web page, the animated dial images there are uplaoded from my data
and they are OK , and i dont have this problem at all!

are they identical as files on your HD?

yep, I do an upload of the local files from my c:\wdisplay\webfiles directory to the internet. (every 5 minutes)…

Also when I look at the time and date of the files, they are changed every 5 minutes…

When going back to ‘static’ images, the correct image appears for averagedial.gif

Could it be a conflicting setting in a setup screen…

But to be sure… going to use my ‘work-pc’ to install WD and see if it happens over here… (can use the data from clientraw.txt)

Sometimes strange things happen with software… :frowning:

it could happen, as a 3 dials appear on the same form, they are just hidden in turn from each other…but that is not happening for you…but i dont know why :frowning:
bed time here…


I have done a clean install of WD 9.60a on my work-pc and it is showing the exact same thing… it occurs when turning the checkbox on and off:
(this one isn’t uploading anything; just looking in the webfiles directory directly at the images…)

Setup - Setup FTP / Internet / … - Web Files - Animate the weather dials…

Check box unticked : Static : dials OK
Check box ticked : Dynamic : averdial.gif shows direction information.

On my work computer I am running Windows XP Professional SP1 UK.
At home is Windows 2000 Standard Server SP2 UK.

I’m trying to tick/untick other options to do some trouble-shooting…


Well, No luck… I have changed the server at home back to static and the images are ok again… (see the post above).

As soon as I turn on the ‘Animated…’ checkbox, the images are transformed to a ‘not correct’ status.

I have tried almost every possible combination of ticked and unticked boxes, but no luck…

Is there anyone out there with the same thing happening ?

Cheers, Aad

Yep, Brian did it again… the problem is fixed… thanx !!!

Regards, Aad

edit : v9.60c is the one in which everything is fine with the images !