Dew Point Graph Autoscale

With version 9.43b (And the current weather conditions) my dewpoint is off the bottom of the graph of the main display. I went to the Graph screen and tried to raise/lower the temperature to no avail. When I try to select Autoscale I get a pop up of another graph screen.

Any Ideas :?:

Try this
go to setup then to display units , it should be the second thing down under setup. On that screen, the display units… you will find a setting to raise or lower the temperature lines. then click ok and you will be fine.

The old setting must have been turned off somewhere and not linked

Brian will fix.

Thanks, This temporary fix worked, I did veify that the original settings was “0” and I did change the value and the scale responded appropriately. :smiley:

On another note:
While playing with the value and moving it to +25 I found the scale moved but the values on the side of the scale where no longer displayed. :o