Detail/Summary/Season Scripts - no data populating

I just realized that none of my detailed data is now showing on the summary page:

What’s weird is i have made no modifications and this has been running for many years. Nothing has changed on my website regarding php versions as i’m still running 7.3 I do know it was all working in January. All the monthly htm files are on the site so the data is there. Example - Daily NOAA report

I’ll start to look into this in more detail in the morning and update to the latest version wildwood weather has published, but short of that, does anyone have any tips on where i should start to look? The good news is all the data is on the site so it’s just understanding why all of a sudden it won’t grab the htm data and populate the fields.


this has been talked about a lot on this forum, but at present I cant find the topic about it, as im on my mobile Perhaps Admin(Chris) can help with finding it.

I’ve never used the Wildwood scripts so I don’t know how they work, e.g. what data files they use. I note that there was an update about 12 months ago - PHP 8.2 updates to Wildwood scripts but that seems to be about PHP 8.2.

I’m out mobile at the moment but I’ll take another look at this when I get home later on today.

It looks like the path to the dailynoaa and climate data files has changed check the wxreport-settings.php file lines 29 and 30

Update - I got it working again. I never changed anything in years and the data path for the files was correct. I took a fresh package from wild wood weather and overwrote all the files on my website and it corrected it. Some file must have become corrupted or the latest package with the php 8.2 changes corrected something. I’m still on php 7.x so kind of strange.

Anyway all is well now and thanks for everyone’s input

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