Design your own main screen

I am starting this now…
it will take some time…
but basicly you can place and put on your own custom screen (and resize that screen too) dials/gauges/graphs/numbers/labels/other images as you wish…and set colours/fonts /etc

You continue to amaze me with your add ons. Thanks again for a great program.

i will try and find time tomorrow to do more work on this new project (now that i have the WD database working pretty well)
I am thinking I will also have a web page on the window form (sizeable), say of your favourite sat pic or rain radar, and also 5 or so data from your favourtite wd weather stations on the net (the main weather parameters, pulled from the url you provide (and using the raw data in the page source code (first line, as part of the datahtm0.txt file), which I put there just for this idea…

maybe i should give up farming next year and work on wd full time?

This sounds like a very exciting direction to take, especially given the feature that’s being developed to sllow WD data to be put into a database.

Don’t finish this whilst I’m away next week, otherwise I’ll miss the beta testing :wink: