Deleting URL from http screen

This is a problem that I reported sometime back when there was only Screen 1 and 2 for the http download screen. Now that you have added screen 3, I tried to enter a URL to be downloaded after deleting a previous URL (I mistyped the first url) but it will not overwrite. I have tried to delete the URL by high lighting/selecting it and pressing “Delete Selected File”. The URL is removed from the screen but not the program. I have tried using the Test button and by the clock. I have tried this on both screen 2 and 3. Using v. 77e. I tried to find the file in the program, but had no luck.

ok, i will check it out
but note:
you can add as many urls/local files as need to setup 1
the idea of setup 2 and 3 is to download at different times and upload at different times

it should say delete selected URL
i have fixed that now
i.e are you using the top one of the 3 buttons in a row?

i tested, and its OK
note: when you back to the setup screen, you are in the #1 setup

Hi Brian,
I am using the top button. In fact, I tried to delete all 3 of the entries on screen 2 and reload them but without any results. I also tried another v 77e. I currently am down/uploading 3 images once per hour using screen 1 which works just fine. What I wanted to do is down/upload one of the images more often. Since you have it working on your PC, I guess it is something on my end. I will just leave things as they are. One question, do the test buttons work for all three screens? Thanks for looking into this local bug.