Deleting data

My rain gauge threw a wobbly last week and recorded some very heavy showers on a sunny day. (Haven’t got to the bottom of this yes, but could be a dodgy connection)
As a result, the March rainfall has registered about 170 mm instead of a fraction of this.
Can someone guide me as to how I delete this data ?


there is a FAQ on how to edit/correct rain data

you will need to set the needed correct rain totals, under control panel, barometer offset and rainfall setup

if you do that before the day ends, then that total will not get stored for that day

also use the graph setup, correct graph, and then ability to correct the rain line (set the start and end position)
to reset the rain line
then save and then also do the same for the longer period graph

or edit the logfile and then convert the logfile to data file and also recreate the last 31 days data file

Thanks Brian. I needed the info given in the FAQ as I’d tried correcting things myself and got totally lost…


I’ve done that and corrected the data as the FAQ suggests.
However, on ther main WD page it still shows the Month to date and Year to date unchanged.
What have I done wrong ?

set that under control panel, barometer offset and rainfall setup

Done that - thanks Brian for your patience.