Deleting a message (was: test)

delete test

well, doen’t work (apperantly disabled on this board ;))

Works for me. I just tested posting and deleting a reply to this thread, and starting a new thread and deleting the first (and only) post. I used the garbage can button.

You can only delete posts that are the last post in a thread.

I tried the same (new thread, delete) …

I got (and still get) this message:

“An Error Has Occurred!
You cannot delete your own topics in this board.”

Maybe it has to do with your status on this board?

It’s not important I was just curious.

That is very strange, I just tried it with a different login and I could delete OK. So far as I can recall it always worked for me before I joined the testing group.

Try it in the chatter threads maybe, a quickie test there isn’t going to upset anyone.

Chris (the admin) is back now so maybe he can sort it out.

The permissions system in this forum is fairly complex and it can sometimes be a little confusing! You can create two kinds of messages. There is no difference to the way you create the messages, but they are treated as different by the system. The two types are…

  1. A Topic. This is the first message in a thread, so it might be the original question, or the first report of a bug.
  2. A Post. This is a reply to a Topic or another Post. These messages form each thread.

I’ve deliberately set the forum up so that non-moderators can delete Posts but not Topics. The obvious question is why did I do this? I’m not sure…

…actually I am sure :wink: I did it so that you can delete a Post in a thread that you decide on balance wasn’t worth posting. However, I didn’t want the originator of a large thread that might contain a lot of useful information that others had posted to be able to delete the entire thread (which is what deleting a Topic would do).

If you start a new Topic that you don’t want for some reason, just lock it (to prevent any posts being made against it) and then let me know that you want it deleting.

Hopefully this makes sense?


Makes a lot of sense … and thanks for the explanation!


I was wrong…there is of course a significant difference in the way you create the two types of messages…

Topics are created using the ‘New Topic’ button and Posts are created using the Reply or Quote buttons :oops:


Hadn’t even noticed that slip … the overall message still makes sense to me.