Decimal Snow Input

Just downloaded 9.46b. The .1 cm snow input still jumps to 0.394 inches, the same as the 1 cm input.

ok, the usa converison is bung, but the use of the data for the web will be OK
I will fix…

HI Brian

SORRY to hear about the server and crack problem. Guess the world really is full of some real jerks.

The .1 cm snow still doesn’t seem to be working in 9.47. I didn’t check the updates on the Web page but the .1 cm doesn’t not update the monthly or seasonal amounts. The 1 cm seems to work fine.

Once again THANKS for all your HARD work and don’t let a few JERKS get you down.



it was a trojan worm, which then caused a denial or service…
that is what florian has found
Linux does have some security flaws, just like microsoft!
Florian will be contacting the Police.

i have confirmation from florian that the 55 gb limit was reached (but the log files were altered and the trogan did a good job of covering its tracks too)