Dec. 08 Monthly report by Day is missing

I received an email today asking for the monthly report (by day) for December 2008. All my months since October 2008 are showing reports by day except December 2008. and suggestions how to resolve that?

if the logfile is ok (122008lg.txt) then convert that logfile to data file
then recreate the dec 08 av/ext report

Wopw! That was a quick response. Thank Brian. Will do the above.

Interesting thing is it shows the monthly report but does not break it out like the other months by day.

OK, that has been completed. How do I now remake the December2008.htm file for uploading?

view, av/ext, recreate av/ext …set the year and month and then recreate…then upload that

Sorry Brian, was hoping to beat you to your reply by noting I have figured it out and now is working properly. December2008.htm is now online live showing things properly. Thanks and sorry for bothering you with that.

I still have a SERIOUS issue with getting my rain totals adjusted properly. I have tried editing the logfiles for the months and saving them… problem is any new data added after my edits show the same incorrect information I previously editted out.

Example: This is a portion of 32008lg.txt I edited. Note after I caught up to last input, I stopped WD, edited the logfile then opened WD back up and it commenced putting data right where it left off… using old totals. I even ran it through the VIEW/AV/EXT routine. How is this fixed to set YEAR & MONTH rain totals overall so this quits happening?

the day/month/year rain totals you can adjust/set under control panel, barometer offset and rainfall setup