Dayly report update and weekrep.htm misreadings

Hi :slight_smile:

I discovered some strange display in the daily report.htm:

Average humidity 175% !
Minimum presure display 0.0 mb on day 2003 at time 17:68 !

In the weekrep.htm:
Aveage humidity 175 % !
Maximum humidity 1014% on day 2003 at time 11:97 !
Mimimum pressure 0.0 mb on day 2003 at time 17:68 !

Maximum rain pr minute 33.2 mb on day 2003 at time 24:43 !
Dayly rains totals 256.4 mb on day 24.

What is going on here?

I reset the web page average/extreme after downloading the latest version yesterday, but the same misreading come in to the web anyway.
The time format is a little strange to.

Davis Vantage Pro and win 98.


this happens (but i can never duplicate it myself) after going to view, averages/extreme, correct the data, and then changing the monthly rain total or the rain for each day of the month…(remember to click on save changes)

to fix
action, import log files, convert wd log files to graphs, but tick convert graph file to logfile, then select the file month72003.inf, then click on convert (and then reset the averages/extreme web page too)

this procedure i must have now explained now 50 times, lol