Daylight saving


What should I do for the daylight saving… Is there anything to change??

have a nice day or night…

As long as your PC is set to automatically change the clock WD will follow along for the ride.

I’ve been looking/hoping WD would update a few of it’s icons… the Cloudy/clear Icons look great…

The Rain/Wind look old and not that flashy, and the night icons look about the same…

I like the icon beruberu is using for is Avatar! That type of image would be great for WD’s Night Clear icon!

Are there any great artists/photoshop people out there that have created a better or supplemental set of icons that we can use in WD?


i have grabbed his clear night icon
its neat
i will update wd with it now
(hopefully that is OK!)

i have grabbed his clear night icon its neat i will update wd with it now (hopefully that is OK!)

I made it with the best astro soft Skytools 2 SkyTools Astronomy Planning Software by Skyhound
I will ask the author if it is OK for him…

Have a nice afternoon

You can find some Weather Display icons at - click on the “WD Icons” link in the left navigation bar. The best single compilation of weather icons I’ve stumbled across is at

I presume you’re aware of it, but if not, you can pick and choose which native Weather Display icons that you’d like to replace on an individual basis rather than doing a wholesale replacement of all of them.


Here is the reply of Greg…

Hi Phil,

Philippe HAAKE wrote:

Hello Greg…

I’m using a small shot of ST2 as an avatar for my name in a meteo
group and now they find it very nice and they would use it as picture
for a clear night… Is it Ok for you??


Clear skies,

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Skyhound Observing Pages:

So windy… you can use it…


n6skk ~

Great Icon links…thanks

There is one place that may need changing. Click on “view” and then " daily fire weather index data". There is a box to tick on for daylight time.