Davis Vue Barometer WD Question

I’m not seeing baro readings in WD for the CWOP baro offset. Should this be working? Do I need to enable something to make it work?



If you tick Send Altimeter pressure (Davis VP Station) do values start to show up? Mine is unticked and also does not show any values…


Yes it does.

Now the question is, should I be using these settings for sending data to CWOP?


Good question LOL


My understanding is that CWOP would like Altimeter pressure in the data packet. I assume they use the station altitude from the user setup, so you need to be sure that is correct. Not sure how that works for Dan if he moves :?

The altitude is correct on the screen grab, but what the heck is virtual temp?

just part of the data used for the equations and shown for people who might be interested
I would not worry about it otherwise

Ok, can do. I’ve let it send data for a few hours and my baro graphs do look better now. Here you can see when I made the change around 1800 on the 29th: