Davis VP2 Anemometer broken - how can I use 1-Wire Windspeed?

Hi Guys,

Just had a 106km/h gust kill the windspeed on the VP2+ anemometer. Direction and all other WX station functions working. I still have my 1-wire anemometer on the mast and can see the wind speed and direction data from it in the 1-wire viewer.

In the Com Port setup screen I have ticked I want to use a 1-wire device (located and working on port 15) and also I want to use the windspeed from a 1-wire device (Davis VP2)…

However, I am not getting any 1-wire windspeed on the main screen…

Any ideas what I haven’t ticked? I have restarted WD and the 1-wire viewer multiple times.

Any advice much appreciated :slight_smile: WD version 37R Build 31.


what exactly has gone wrong with the VP windspeed?
as mine has recorded 138kmh here no problems in the past

I will have to check if I have allowed 1 wire windspeed to be used instead of Davis VP

Hi Brian,

My unit is 4 years old and is regularly exposed to 120kmh plus winds here in the wairarapa ( today being no exception as it failed directly after a gust of 106 kmh) Max wind speed here was 141kmh NW. I have taken the anemometer down and connected directly to the ISS and can’t get any wind speed reading although wind direction is still ok. I recall using my 1-wire wind speed sensor with my old lacrosse 2310’ and saw an option to use with a Davis VP in the setup screen so was hoping it might work with the VP2+ as a interim measure until I can source a replacement Davis anemometer.

Hope all is good at your end and the grass has started to grow for your cattle!


you should be able to use 1 wire windspeed with the VP
but you need to be using a more recent version of WD

re the VP…the problem might simply be that the cups have moved up on the spindle…try pushing back down (loosen the screw)

Hi Brian,

Have just upgraded to the latest WD build - however, still get the same results. I can see the data from the 1-wire device(s) in the viewer and have the correct com port and boxes ticked in the COM setup, however, WD still looks like its taking wind and direction data from the VP2+ rather than the 1-wire anemometer.

Am I missing something a tick box ina nother screen to get this temporary fix working?

As always, appreciate the help and I’ll have another look at the VP2 anemometer this afternoon - would be great if thats the fix!

Gday again - wind died down enough for me to drop the entire wx station mast … and I found the issue, the cable to the VP2+ anemometer has been chafing against the mounting U bolt, enough to disconnect one of the pairs inside. A bit of work with the soldering iron returned the unit to service. Also checked the wind cup grub screw - was also loose! Thanks for the tip Brian. :slight_smile: