Davis VP2+ 6162C buy from USA ?

Hallo guys.
I I have very special question.Very grave I think that I I will let buy and take new station from Davis Instruments (VP2 - 6162C)stateside from friend ,which he’ll ride on official journey there.But I want have certainty,that station I shall buy from reliable and fair businessman.I found on internet several address and I’d like availed of your personal experience,where do best purchase .Here I excerpt several legacies and anybody is able to advise st. to which businessman is best and has best services. Thanks for your help. Jirka

Jirka, I’ve ordered from both Provantage and Scientific Sales. I did buy my VP2 from Scientific Sales and received it within one week and they had the lowest price. I’ve ordered from Provantage twice. I did get both products but took over a month for the first item and two months for the second.

I believe you could trust both.


I have ordered from both too, several times Davis and computer items from Provantage, and a Davis item from Scientific sales. I had good experience with both.

I much word of thanks I send and wish to yet another users Davis product added his experience from purchase station. Thanks :wink: