Davis VP Solar/UV readout

Windy, I still have intermittent display of Solar & UV readings on the screen. Yes, I have those options checked. It seems I have to recheck it to keep it displayed. Am I doing something wrong?


i will do a review of this

I have the same thing. The only issue is that the soil moisture shows up. I have that sensor as well. On the animated screen shot, the uv and solar shows, but not on the screen itself.

It ‘says’ to click for other option,but when I do nothing happens. I do get consistent readings with the uv/soil/solar/leaf wetness.

Sometimes the solar/uv does show on the screen but then disappers to the soil moisture. Must be something minor,

see if 9.76 is any better,

I uploaded 976 and after the data logger does its thing, the solar/uv flashes a second and then reverts to soil moisture

but on the screen shot it is fine.

i will have to add an option to show soil moisture or not if you have soil moisture (instead of uv/solar)

Brian, any thoughts on the intermittent display of solar/uv? I have to recheck it often when I restart wd. I just repeated, when updating to v9.77d

Regards, Bud


I can see the uv solar at the place where the soil temperature/ wind run comes on , only for a few seconds at start up.

If I click on that if I have the wind run enabled, then it alternates between wind run and soil temp. I I turn off the wind run and click nothing changes. :idea:

i will try and duplicate this…

good news

i have done some mimicking of a vp, and forced in some solar readings, and discovered i had the icon from solar flag being set to false after initialy setting to true (if enabled), laterin the start up seq (i hate that!), and so it was only being set to ON after going to the solar setup…

so version 9.78d fixes that (applies to all stations), and a few other things with the solar reading for the VP…


Looks good so far, thanks for taking care of this issue!



Doesn’t work for me. All I get is 100% of the soil temperature, not the uv. only on the web page it shows up.

there is a conflict with showing soil temperature or solar/uv
which do you prefer joe?
i will add option for which to show
or maybe you click on it to toggle between each,whadya reckon
or are you getting a mixture?

I prefer the solar uv.

I click on it and nothing happens, unless I opt to have the wind run, then it toggles between wind run and soil moisture.

Soil moisture changes so slowly around here, but the solar uv does change quckly

i am still to add the click/toggle
it was just an idea
i will do that now

i have added the toggle to the latest vers ardvark…

I appreciate the help.

Babysitting the granddaughter today A full workout, the mosquitos are awful tonight. yech!

is the present version Version on 25. May 2003 - 01:08:04 hr ?

I have been running that and I only see the uv/solar for an instant on program start.

if you see the soil temperature, click on that, then the solar/uv should show
clicking on that then brings back the soil temp
vers 9.79 is out now…

it is still not working. either I the soil moisture getting larger or smaller in type size ( if I untick show wind run) or things remain the same as before.

The sensors do show up when I click on show vp sensors section and that is fine.