Davis VantagePro Wireless - Dead Battery?

Came home from work today, and looked at the screen on my VantagePro station and see that I am getting all “–” in all the value readings. Looked at the remote repeater and it is not seeing anything from the weather station 40’ up my tower (oh, did I mention it is winter here in Toronto with 6" or snow fresh today!)…

In looking at the diag. screen on the Davis screen, it appears that no traffic is coming from the weather station at all.

The Davis I have is the VantagePro Wireless (with the solar/uv sensor and the active fan system to keep air moving through the box).

If I recall, their is a fairly large lithum battery in the weather station to run the electronics - what are the chances the battery has run down? (likely pretty good, since this is the middle of the winter here and there could never be a better time than now to run up the tower to replace it :lol: ).

The temperature outside here today is right around the freezing point and we have had much cooler temperatures and the system stayed up and running with no problem.


john - VE3SVE

Try simply doing a reset (setup) of the console.

It does sound like a transmitter fault, which could be caused by a dead battery. Try unplugging the console from the PC, and take it outside to get closer to the ISS. If it is not a battery fault, this may start it receiving again.