Davis Vantage pro USB problem(again).

I write this on behalf of a friend that bought a Vantage Pro weather station including the Weather Envoy to hook up to his computer.
Now he want to use Weather Display and Weather Display Live on his internet homepage.
But we don’t get any communication from the weather Envoy to the Weather display.
We tried to install the CP210X USB to Serial Converter but the computer did not find the driver for it. Where is the FAQ regarding this?
He is running Weatherlink ver. 5.9.2 with USB and it is running with no faults.
I have read a lot in this forum regarding this problem and tried a lot of the suggested solution.
We stopped Weatherlink when trying out the Weather Display software.

Has anyone a solution for our USB to serial communcation problem?

Installing that CP210x can be (is) a real PITA! Don’t forget that you need to go into the WeatherLink Setup/Communications Port and change that to Serial. Do a test there to make sure the software can see it. Then quit WL and go back to WD and set the comm port there to whatever WL set.

do a search for USBexpress
to find the FAQ