Davis Vantage Pro - Data Splitter?

I have a friend who is thinking about getting the Vantage Pro… and he wants to split the data so it can simultaneously go to two computers…

Is there a way to do this?


its OK to do with station that send data without needing to be asked for the data, but that is not the case with the davis,so there will be a conflict

Thank you. I kept getting “You can’t do it” from Davis… but nobody would tell me why… which made me suspicious!


Davis hardware sure is not user friendly! I can’t believe they would make you buy another console and data logger just to split that information! I’m much happier with my Ultimeter… though it does not have some of the neat options some of the other units have.

Thanks to you and your software I can add the 1-wire stuff and make it appear to have some of it! :slight_smile:

But it would be nice to have some of that stuff on the actual console.

Thanks Brian!

If both computers are on a network or the internet, it is easy with the right software (like WD)… You can’t do it in hardware because the VP uses bi-directional RS232 and handshaking…


you can do the data split with WD
as it has a listen only mode
so then you can run some other software at the same time
i also now have it where wd can read in and use the vws data.csv datafile

If you have a wireless Davis System, it is very easy. Just connect a Wireless Envoy and data logger up to the second computer, and you can pick up all the data from the ISS and any remote transmitters. I do the same, except I run WeatherDisplay and WeatherLink on the same PC but through different com ports.

Hi from BlueWave Technologies UK

Yes this is reasonably easy. if he still want to know how to do this contact us at: [email protected]

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