Davis Vantage Pro 2 on ebay

theres a stack of these being sold on ebay… for $US400 + shipping. Tho I haven’t looked far, looking around at comparable prices, no-one seems to match that kind of offer. I buckled yesterday and bought one. My first station, to be located at Glenbrook Beach, NZ.
I have no affiliation with the seller but thought it might be a good subject for my first post. :slight_smile:
No doubt I shall be asking many questions soon !


They are for the US market Is that Freq legal In New Zealand.

Definately the standard VP2 frequencies are illegal in Australia, and chances are that since NZ follows a number of our rules, they might be just as illegal to be used in NZ.

oh! :frowning:
i looked for a specific frequency on the site, but didn’t see anything. Maybe i didn’t look hard enough.
Could you tell me the freq these use? All i saw was ‘spread spectrum’

Transmit/Receive Frequency . . . . . . . . . . .

US Models: 902 - 928 MHz
Overseas Models:868.0 -868.6 MHz

The new zealand frequencies in that band available for short range spread spectrum use are 864-868MHz and 921-929MHz I believe… There are quite a few US devices running here, cordless phones etc, and sometimes they do cause interference to things like broadcast studio to transmitter links… The Radio Spectrun Management website has quite a bit of information http://www.rsm.govt.nz
I couldn’t advise bringing in unapproved equipment, but if i did have one of these I would probably attenuate and run the signal down coax to avoid radiation… ie modify and cable it :slight_smile:

Hey, Glenbrook beach is a great spot, not far from me…get good wind off the estuary there, and good summer heat shower dumps too!
becuase its only so low power signal and your in the countryside mostly, maybe you might get away with it…not that i am conding it, LOL

Hi there Brian, yes I’ve been looking at your site for a number of years thinking ’ I’d like one of those’. And so here I am. Not a particularly auspcious start tho I think !
Perhaps the only thing the station might interfere with at those freq’ would be cell phones. But to cable it, like Ricky suggested, I’d be a lot happier doing. Although I don’t know the ins and out of whats involved with that, but its obviously possible?

since ricky lives in auckland city,not far away, maybe he could help you with doing that?
I could meet him at your place too for the installation :slight_smile:

well thanks Brian. I’ll keep that in mind, I’ll see how I go for the time being.
(and thanks for the info ricky)
Just having a look at
shows that a licence is possibly obtainable for the lower portion (902-920), and the upper part of the frequency thats used is unrestricted (921-928).
I was originally wanting a cabled version, but this deal I thought a little difficult to pass up. :oops:
I have a question for you tho Brian. your station is at grahams beach? But the co-ordinates at
put you somewhere in the middle of the peninsula (according to Google Earth). I assume this was your old site?

ah, i might need to tweak that…
yeah, as i am on the grahams beach road (half way along, corner of marshall road)
you are welcome to come and check out my VP here :wink:

thankyou indeed.
I may well take you up on that at some stage! :slight_smile:

[quote author=nikoshepherd

Interesting, that came from Davis :?

The US VP models will interefere with the Vodafone network here and in Aus :wink:

And the “OS” models will interfere with the Telstra mobile/cellular network.

Actually if the US model was cut back to 915 - 928Mhz, then they would have less troubles selling them worldwide… that’s less trouble, not no troubles. :slight_smile:

$400 + shipping is a normal price in the US… Provantage.com is selling the 6152 for $409…

Yes if you’re near a vodafone cellsite it could interfere with that…
cabling mod would be very easy and I’m happy to help with it, have spectrum analyser etc to see if there’s anything there that shouldn’t be…

There a vodaphone cellsite right next the Steel Mill ( on the NZI gas side ) just before you go around the bend .
There’s also another just as you come into Waiuku ( LHS )

We have a vantage pro version 1 at work here in Pukekohe which is on US freq ( no problems so far )
I think you’ll be OK

where approx about are you located ?

It’s not just cell sites that can be the problem. You could also interfere with cellphones themselves and if people complain that their phones don’t work or stop working in a particular area Vodafone may investigate why that’s happening.