Davis Vantage Pro (2) ---> hookup to computer

i think it would be a good idea if the data logger could be purchased minus any software,.,…then people can choose the software to go and purchase…
yes, you are right Prodata, there are lots of things not made public ,luckily for Bluewave (I have been kept in the Loop though)

I agree that something attached to a device that caused a problem with the device might void the warranty. So Davis might be quite correct in rejecting a warranty claim if the interface circuitry that the data logger plugs into has been fried by something attached to it. However, it wouldn’t be correct for them to reject any warranty claim just because a third party logger had been attached.

I think the kind of warranties that say you’re not allowed to open up a PC case are the kind that also fail when tested in court. Many PCs are designed to be opened, e.g. to fit cards, extra memory, etc, so it’s not realistic to have a warranty that forbids such actions. I can’t remember the details, but I feel sure that some PC manufacturers have had their restrictive warranties tested in court and found that they’re not worth the paper they’re written on. I think a lot of this case law goes back to the motor trade where dealers would void warranties where third party (cheaper) parts had been fitted to the car. In some cases dodgy dealers were voiding warranties on, say, a leaking fuel tank just because the owner had fitted non-standard alloy wheels!

The only conclusion I’ve come to so far is that Davis seem to charge a lot of money for certain items which appear to cost considerably less to make. The electonics in the data logger probably only cost around $20 and even if we then added on WD ($80) we’d be at $100. Add on a healthy profit margin (33%) and it’s still only half of the $275 it costs in the UK. Better still, make the software optional and only charge me $30 for the data logger and still make a 50% markup!

I have no experience or knowledge of BW to say whether they produce good or bad kit and other than the odd bit of discussion here I haven’t seen much about them anyway. However, when the prices of a more or less essential product seem so out of whack with their basic production costs I can see why someone might want to start producing a cheaper version.