Davis Vantage Pro (2) ---> hookup to computer

It is expensive, but it’s also possible to buy pre-built type-approved components for various functions, so if they’ve gone that route there may not be a requirement for further testing.

Ah, now that’d make life some easier! Thanks, Chris

That is definitely the case on the Mac side. I have bought two in the last 12 months and both had USB2/Firewire400/800 and DVD drive only. Not a serial port or floppy disk drive within sight ;).

PCs should catch up eventually (right Chris? :D).

i have a neighbour who is going to be selling me a Max (OSX 8.4 or so)
so after new year I will start Mac support (dont expect anything overnight!!!)

re the bluewave and WD software:
Because the UKweathershop is sole distributor, then Bluewave can not also be a reseller (they know the score there), so I recommened they could include however the free aprs lite version on CD. Thats I all I know about the situation (just to set the record straight :slight_smile: )

The latest PCs we’re buying at work don’t include a floppy drive. I don’t know about serial ports at the moment…I’ve not got my hands on a new box just yet.

Actually what’s more important is that the peripheral manufacturers catch up. It’s less likely these days, but you still sometimes get installation files on floppy disk. Of course you can buy a USB floppy drive…costing around 5 times as much as a built in drive. Interestingly PCs (and probably Macs too) don’t seem to cost any less when they don’t include a floppy drive. Same goes for serial ports…how many weather stations (and many other devices) have dedicated USB versions, rather then selling them with USB to RS232 serial converters? Of course if you have a serial device you can always go any buy a USB to serial converter of your own…at around UKP40!! and then hope that the virtualisation software for the serial ports works with the software you’re trying to use.

Of course you can always try to force the market to adjust by only buying USB based devices, but you’ll be limiting your options for some considerable time.

Actually what's more important is that the peripheral manufacturers catch up. It's less likely these days, but you still sometimes get installation files on floppy disk.
And not only that but software as well. The latest HP servers we use have no floppy disk as standard but to install Microsoft Server 2003 with 3rd party drivers for the SCSI array the install requires them to be on a floppy!!


It would probably be OS 8.x. The X in OSX actually stands for 10, so current versions are OS 10.3.x aka Panther (10.4 will be released next year as Tiger). If it’s an old classic Mac it probably won’t be able to run the latest OSX versions.

I’m not sure if you are joking about Mac support or not - I would have thought it to be a daunting job ;). A bonus would be joining the Apple Developers Connection and getting a good discount on a nice machine.

not joking
enough people have sked me…
its the all in one monitor job…

Do you mean an Imac?

thats the one :wink:

Hey all. I am new to all of this weather station stuff, so if I ask newbie questions… be gentle.

I have the new Davis Vantage Pro 2 and want the hook up to the computer as well. Is there anyway to do a direct connect, or do you have to go through the datalogger? I was planning on having the console hooked up to the CPU all the time, so direct connect would work.

As to software to use. what is the best out there? What is compatible with the Davis 2?

Many thanks.


you cant get around the need for the data logger
i recommend weather display

Have Davis ever tried to justify making computer connection an expensive optional extra? The data logger is approx

ah, but it stores the data when your pc is off, and does a much better job of that, especialy when it comes to getting that data with software, than the cheaper stations
but, yes, it is exepensive…but included in that price is the weather link software

I think that the Bluewave datalogger is something worth looking at, as it is considerably cheaper than the Davis one. So far I have not had any problems with mine and I believe it is compatible with the VP2.

except then Davis voids all warrenty if you do that
(after bluewave tried to rip me off with sales of WD, I am not very impressed with Bluewave anymore, and besides, there solar sensor over reads…)

I’m not sure that would stand up in a UK court. Davis would have to prove that the third-party data logger had caused the fault. For example, if the console LCD developed a crack after 6 months, then it’s difficult to see how the use of a third party data logger could have caused the problem and the warranty should be intact.

I can accept that a datalogger provides a better quality of service and also provides some software…but it’s another

There is a big thread on http://www.ukweatherworld.co.uk/forum/thread-view.asp?threadid=17680&posts=67 which is now closed. Had much discussion on the relative merits of Bluewave vs Davis and discussed the warranty issue as well.

I’m with Chris on this, I don’t see how it could possibly stand up in a UK court. The datalogger simply plugs in, so no big deal just unplug it and send away the console.

I can see Brian’s point of view over WD, I was not happy with them over that as I got WD with my logger, certainly their advertising at the time was not clear as to what was supplied. Howver I have had no problems with the datalogger at all, and it does have twice the flash memory of the Davis one and costs about half (if you buy their USB one), the serial one is even cheaper.

Yes the Bluewave Solar sensor does over read, by about a factor of 2 or so in my experience. Someone I have contacted who had one has sent it away for re-calibration and I’m waiting to hear what happened before I decide what to do with mine. However Brian does have an adjustment factor for this in WD so you can fudge it.

I suspect that you’re probably right, though in respect of the warranty (and I’m certainly not suggesting that this is the case with the BW logger) something attached to a Davis unit that results in damage to that unit could quite legitimately be turned down as a warranty claim. You only have to look at some PC warranties these days, some of which don’t even allow you to open the case, to see how cautious certain manufacturers have become on warranties.

But I think it’s also important in the context of the BW threads to remember what’s not been said. From what I gather, there are various issues that might have prompted Davis’s actions. But beyond a fairly obvious and relatively bland statement of their warranty position, Davis/McM have chosen not to comment further on specifics, apparently for the time being at least. I personally think that this is the right move - Internet forums, however well-informed, are not the right place to sort out personal and commercial grievances. But let’s not forget that there are always two sides to any dispute and if one side chooses, for good reason, not to comment in detail then an outside observer might prefer to be cautious as to the overall conclusions drawn.

I don’t know how it is in the UK, but in the US the support from Davis is first class, that’s a big part of what you are paying for IMHO. From what I’ve seen of BlueWave’s public statements I wouldn’t have the same confidence in them.

Weatherlink can be had for $120 here, that’s before any taxes or shipping, so the wholesale is probably $ 100 or less. You have to wonder just where the markup is happening to get to the UK retail.