Davis bucket to OS

Hi folks, i have a Davis bucket that i acquired, can this be converted to be used on an OS setup?
I like the size of the Davis bucket, it means i can add heating to it, i would also need to add my
bucket extension to convert it to 0.1mm, any thoughts on this please?

If the OS has a reed switch then the Davis can be connected in its place.

Is the tipper silver (aluminized) plastic? If so that’s a more recent one, the original had a black tipper.

The Davis is convertible between 0.01 inch and 0.25 mm with a clip on plastic weight that fits on the lowest part of the tipper assembly. There should be a picture of that on the 'net somewhere, you’ll need to know if it’s fitted to get the calculation correct for your “upgrade”.

I saw your comment in the old thread. Glad it worked out well for you, but I still don’t think that size increase would work for everyone :wink:

Cheers Niko, re the other thread, deffo not every bucket that’s for sure…

Hers an image of the Davis internals, its a black tipper

Damn, it’s still in inches :frowning:

Also Not Getting A Connection Using a Spare Rain/temp Transmitter, its Got The Same Connector Mind, dobt Know What Davis Connectors Are Like?

I converted mine some years ago by connecting the reeed switch from the Davis unit to the wires that would have attatched to the reed switch on the OS unit. Worked a treat. Once callibrated gave me 0.1mm accuracy. I have got rid of the unit now, so I cannot produce any images, but it does work.


I doubt the connector is the same so just connect directly to the wires as Mike did. Note that the green/yellow are connected together to one side of the reed, and red is the other.

Thats how they are connected, so, with that in mind, i will say the reed switch is erm, knackered, i get no red light
on the transmitter :frowning: on the up side, i have a couple spare :slight_smile: down side, the tipper is in inches, no way i can work
with those :confused:

Explain the “tipper is in inches” problem :? Since you are going to change the tip size with a funnel anyway I’m not understanding that…

I thought it needed a weight for it to be in mm

It does need the weight if you aren’t changing the funnel size, but in this case we just factor it into the new funnel size.

It’s a 0.01 inch and you want a 0.1mm - right?

0.01 inch = 0.254 mm

0.254 mm / 0.1 mm = 2.54 : So you’ll need a funnel with 2.54 times the area of the existing one, or 1.59 times the diameter of the existing one.

Ah, ok, I got ya, prob get back to u you on that one :wink:
Need to try a new reed switch 1st then go from there, cheers Niko

Just wired up another reed switch, when I removed the old one, red and black were together :? and yellow and green other end
yet still do no get the red led to flash on the transmitter :frowning:

I think I have worked out the size needed which is 26.2cm (D), the original size is 17.5 cm (D), the funnel I have is only 24.5cm (D) though :frowning:

Current Diameter	       170.5mm	
Current Rain fall per tip	0.25mm
New Diameter	               260.2mm	
PI 3.1416	
Vol / tip                =0.00000571m3
Volume per tip          	5.71ml
New Rainfall per tip	       0.107mm

Not sure what else I can do…?

Forget the Davis for a moment, if you connect two wires to the OS part and touch them together does it record rain?

Hi, just my 2 pence/cents worth how are you triggering the reed switch, it needs to triggered with a magnet moving passed the switch.


All I am doing is soldering the green and yellow to one end
And the red to the other, when I put the connector in to the
Transmitter, the red led does not flash, because that ain’t working
I have not gone any further…

I do not have the OS part just the cable and the davis bucket

Where is the red LED?

On the OS transmitter, it will only flash if it’s transmitting
It just will not flash, I can get it to come on with the white
Wire but it stays on lol

I think that the transmitter will only transmit when the rain causes the see saw to tip, i.e. when the reed switch is tripped.


No, they transmit a set interval, and they do 1, 5 seconds after you connect the cable to the transmitter…