Datalogger Download Failed - Procedure for trying again.

If, for any reason, you restart Weather Display and the data fails to be downloaded correctly from your datalogger then this is the procedure for attempting to download the data a second time.
The FAQ is based on the settings for the Davis datalogger but there isn’t that much difference between this and other makes as far as this procedure is concerned.

1. Go to Control Panel > Data Logger - Note: The button in the top right should be set to “ON” otherwise Weather Display will not attempt to download missing data from your datalogger during program start up.

2. In the bottom left hand window (Set the time/date to get the data from) set the the date & time to 1 minute after the last record in WD and click “set” (2a), then “OK”.

  1. On the WD main screen click “Exit” then “Save and Exit” to close WD.

  2. Open the main WD program folder and open the “logfiles” folder, look for the current month’s file, it will be called something like “112012lg.txt” (this one is for November 2012) and open it in a text editor like Notepad.

  3. Locate the last data entry before the data was lost and delete everything after that. Note: You may want to save a copy of this file before you delete anything, just in case.

  4. Now save the edited 112012lg.txt file and restart WD in the normal way. If the data is in the data logger then it should download it and populate the data file.

  5. Your graphs may look a bit odd once all data is downloaded and WD has started. To correct this go to WD main screen > Action > Convert log files to data files > make sure the current month log file (112012lg.txt) is in the text box next to the Convert button and click “Convert”. Now click the “Recreate the last 31 days graph data” and the graphs will correct themselves on the new refresh of the WD main screen.

8. One thing to check, make sure you don’t have a tick in the box marked “Clear the data logger daily”. There’s also another tick box for clearing the data logger once the data has been downloaded. If you have a tick in here then you can’t try a second download if anything goes wrong. :wink: