Data storage

As a newbie in this area I am still asking rather basic questions - so here goes. As I am starting out I have to decide on which display software to use and Weather Display seems good (although I have seen some other which also look OK) However if in a year’s time I decided to change to another software for display would it be possible to import the data collected via Weather Display and connect it up with the new system. In other words is weather data collected in a standard format which is readable by other packages?

Also with datapoints being collected every few seconds iI wondered - is all this data collected or is it amalgamated as time goes on? I can imagine that the amount of space required for all this data would start to get out of hand after a year or so.

Finally I would quite like to be able to analyse the data; is it possible to export it into Excel or a database of some sort to produce trends etc.


you are best to start off and then stick with one or the other, as its not easy to convert/import between different systems

the data/logs are not overlay large if you use weather display, and PC’s these days have LOTS of storage space on their PC’s

anyway, good luck with what ever you decide to do

(ps, weather display has some good data analysis built in, but you can set it to create csv logfiles)

Thank you for your reply. So am I correct in assuming that if I wanted to export external and internal temperature readings and then correlate them against my energy consumption all using Excel it would be possible?(provided I use Weather Display of course).

However is the converse true that I could import other CSV data into Weather Display and show it alongside the weather data already captured?

Incidentally I know that this forum has a bias to Weather Display but does any one happen to know if other weather display packages also export data as CSV files.


i do have it where you can import vws data via its csv files (needs to be split into montly files)
vws does have the ability to produce csv files, but not in the standard (free (but nag screen)) base edition that comes with alot of weather stations now (its so hard to compete when VWS is shipped with the hardware (despite all my hard work sales of WD have been getting slowly worse over the years))