Data Loss in Graphs During Down time

Recently I have had a bunch of computer issues and upgrades. 1st was some bad sectors I believe and the PC crashing. Then a incorrect setting with the APRS internet feature would create FTP errors and mount up locking up the program. I finally swapped the HD and re-installed everything and got the system 100%.

This is the problem, every time I re-boot the PC or just close and open WD display it creates a glitch in the graphs due to loss of data for that time. We all know that an upgrade or software install often requires re-boots. Also the barometer and display come up and spike the display. Is there a way to prevent this ?

I know you can’t fix data loss but possibly indicate in the graph “off line” and put a delay in the graph drawing to prevent spikes on reboot ? As owners of the program we know what all of this is but when you have “non techies” looking at a web page all that they see is a “unreliable readings”.

Rich K4GPS

The temp loss would be fixed if Brian would agree to support the iButton Thermochron! :?

The only way I can think of to keep everything is to have a buffer inbetween the sensors and the PC. A TINI board will do this.

As for the spikes, I get those two - would be nice to be able to automatically clip them out (could I edit the log?)


which reading is spiking?
and what weather station type?
also, go to graph setup, and set graph time delay to yes, and then for the 12 hour graph, a gap for lost data will be apparant…but works best for short periods of time…

rutat…any delphi code samples around? Delphi code




The TMEX Delphi (pascal) source code example: