Data from Weather Display not reaching Saratoga template **Solved**

Previously I uploaded to my web host all the template scripts (Base-USA, WD-plugin, etc.) and then unzipped and configured them, according to the instructions listed on the Saratoga site. Then on my computer I did the set ups required for Weather Display, again following the instructions given on the Saratoga site.

Using the Control Panel, I can see that the clientraw and testtags files have data in them but the data is not making its way to the dashboard/template. The dashboard shows correct radar, forecast, alerts, and other info, but my current weather data is not there and the blank space where it should be says “Note: ajax-dashboard not included since weather station not yet specified.”

My dashboard can be viewed here:

My question is, what needs to be done so the data gets in the dashboard/template? Thanks. --Bill

See Status:


Somewhere, somehow, you have not told the template that you are using WD. . .

It appears that the contents of the is missing on the site. Be sure to upload all files from the Base, Plugin, and icon set to the site for proper operation.

And, make sure the subdirectory structure is preserved. The main directory for all files should be the document root of your website.

These are the files that show for the WD-plugin on my site. Is anything missing?

Screenshot 2023-06-04 1.41.59 PM

The contents of your saratogawx/WD-plugin/ folder
should be moved to your
saratogawx/ folder

That is your main folder and all scripts should be in the same folder.


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My site is up and running. Had to move some files. Thanks to Wim, Ken and bitsostring for helping me out. Much appreciated! --Bill

Also make sure that WD is configured to upload all files to the saratogawx/ directory.

And move the forecast/ directory and contents to the saratogawx/ directory. Also the ajax-images/ directory too.

The saratogawx/ directory should have:

Directories and their contents in the same directory as the wxindex.php and the main template scripts.

I moved the files as suggested. Everything seems to be working properly. Very pleased to finally have a Saratoga template up and running. I had tried previously, about a year ago, without success and decided to give it another shot using WD. Thanks very much! Bill

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Your Status page still shows problems. . .

I found an apparent fix in this 2011 post by Ken True addressing a similar problem: Saratoga template weather-display status "not current" [RESOLVED]
I had ticked the 12-hour clock rather than the 24-hour clock in WD, Control Panel, Units & Other Settings, Precision/Time/Date/Cloud Height Tab. The Status reports seem to be current now. Hopefully that’s the solution to the intermitent “Current/Not Current” reports that were showing up.