Data from the March in April - why?

I just discovered something strange.
The data presented in the pictures, add the values from the month of March.
I do not know how it happened. I have not had any accidents WD. WD is working 3 days with no breaks.
How can I fix this?

I know that not only I have this problem.
I know one person who has indicated to me today this problem.

My WD is 10.37N b20


pic 2

pic 3

you will not see that problem after day 1

yep that looks a lot like my problem.

have a look on day 2

uffffff … thanks Brian :slight_smile:

Fortunately, it’s disappeared
I scare the
I feel better already :wink:


now all working OK


Ideally nothing should show in the 1st day, as that day has not finished
(you can easily view the previous month on the first day)
i will see if I can fix this problem