Dallas 1 wire temperature jumps fixed, 9.49 (new vers)

at long last
thanks to another kiwi!

(so far so good for me anyway)

that bug has been there for 2 years! (ever since I supported the dallas 1 wire)

What temperature jumps? Give me a clue as to what to look for?

been there since year dot
the temperature used to jupm up 1oC or so,liike a offset was applied, and stay at that new level for a while, then jump back down again.

fixed now…2 hours for me and no jumps :slight_smile:

Yup! Rock solid 1-wire temps. There still seems to be a step function when there is a rapid change (it went from -18C to +12C in about two hrs here on the weekend!), but I can live with taht. Good work Brian. A Thermochron for you!


yup, its much better
0.6oC jumps sometimes still, but much better

thanks go to “kiwi geoff”