Dallas 1 wire parts from this URL now



I didn’t hear any good things about this provider. Have a look in the 1-wire weekly digest.


There are some cases of late delivery or no delivery despite the promises that were made to the customers.

Everyone has the right of its own opinion off course !

actualy there is a customer here in NZ who is waiting along time too.
So, I email the peson first, and get a quote of expected delivery time, etc, before paying…

he might be very busy…and i know who is involved with steve fosset, the adventurer…

I’ve been waiting over 2 months for a lightning detector and email isn’t answered. They were quick enough to take the PayPal money. I sure would not recommend this site, although there aren’t a lot of places to get 1-wire boards. Even if if Alan is busy, at least he could keep us advised of what’s going on.



I wanted to order from the Buffalorun.com but have changed my mind.
Have orderd now from Texas Weather Instruments,Inc. a 1-wire system
lightening detector, dey have send me a e-mail on the 15-8- stated to process my order, but have not send it out yet because of some missing parts. Expecting it now to get it soon. it is costing me enough.

Received the new lightning detector that was ordered on June 28th, this past week. Hope to have it up soon.



thats good news!

fingers crossed my big order may yet arrive :slight_smile:
be good now I’ve got some spare time again…