dailynoaareport*.htm and climatedataout*.html

For some reason dailynoaareport*.htm and climatedataout*.html do not upload at the end of the month, which sort of buggers up my summary pages.

See October is missing http://www.lyndhurst-hill.info/wxtempdetail.php?r=wxtempdetail.php it does do this every month, normally I manually create and upload the file but I would like to know how this can be done automatically.

What setting did I missed?


Go to: View > Ave/Ext/NOAA Reports > Noaa Reports/Emails Reports/Uploads/Print > Under “Options” make sure the switches are ON for “Upload the NOAA report daily to my web page (dailynoaareport.htm)” and the one below it.
I can’t remember if this does the climatedataout files as well or not, but give it a go. :wink:

which version /build of WD?
as this issue was resolved…


This occurs on version: 10.37Q Build 85 running on Windows 2008 R2 (64bit)

I now upgraded to version: 10.37Q Build 87

I just checked the NOAA for October and it appears to be empty, from memory that is what happens every month. When rolling over to a new month my NOAA reports go blank.

THanks for the the pointer, but I have set the configuration exactly that.

Hi H.

I have no solution but I noticed something else checking out that script on your website.
It shows the same values for the first 4 months in 2010 and 2011,

here: http://www.lyndhurst-hill.info/wxtempsummary.php?r=wxtempsummary.php

and here: http://www.lyndhurst-hill.info/wxrainsummary.php

That can’t be right!

no problems here with empty reports here (convert the logfile to data file to recreate)
and my reports uploaded OK,day 31, etc

this site is also OK

We like consistency here in AU :-). Good pick-up, will have to change that thanks for letting me know.


That is whaty I do every month, converting the logfile. I figured it would be working at your site, it must be something I have wrong otherewise other people would have the same problem.

A well, it does not worry me to much just asked the question. Thanks for your help everybody.


How come your rain totals show 0 in both files?


That is Kiwi mathamatics #-o

yeah, there was a glitch there, not sure why
will mointor for the next month change

it would be good though to be able to duplicate the data loss and having to convert the logfiles
maybe if you could .zip and email me your settings files G.O.B.B
I will test a month change here

I might have found something that could have caused problems
try a new .zip update, ready now
and see how that goes

I noticed climatedatayearout2011 didn’t update or upload at the end of October, I did it manually and put it down to a netbook glitch at the time - as it had shut itself down in the early hours of the 1st. Could it be connected?

I have had some problems with the values underneath the total amount of rain for the month.
I believe that’s the difference with the previous year for the same month over the same period of time.
It has never been correct and I had to edit those manually for many months.
Last October I checked every single day and the value was correct for the whole month except for the final climatedataout102011.html.
-27.2 mm was reported but the actual correct value was -54.4 mm
Probably caused by the month transision.
I am not saying this is a bug but can you take a look at that aswell.

Everything is fine so far for the month of November.

Happened again at this month transition.
I checked every day of November until the last day, everything was fine.
My final detailed climate report for november gives me an incorrect value for the difference in rainfall.
The corrrect value is -110.4 mm, the value shown is half of that -55.2 mm

Also, the start of December was incorrect.
It listed day 31 as first day, the report corrrected itself on the transition of the second and third day.

Any ideas?

which version/build of WD?

Still something astray here aswell.

WD version 10.37Q Build 89.

I am in AU, using AU rain setting, so endof rain day is 9am.

When I checked the NOAA report on the 1st of December it showed 30th of NOVEMBER as the first day in the report. NOAA november report had nothing in it, blank. So I had to do the monthly “sing and dance” again by manually loading converting the data files to noaa.

Not sure what is happening but would be nice if it can befixed, but somehow I believe I am the only one with this problem…


there has been fixes to the aus 9am rain reset time problem
(see the threads about that)

I have also made a change to make sure the monthly data file is reset at the start of the month, because it looks like, on busy systems, it has not been, and so retains all the previous months data, which causes problems
so make sure to be using the latest version of WD

Will do Windy, thanks.

Let you know how I go next year :-). (Year gone again sh.t it goes fast now a days)