dailynoaareport & climatedataout not being created - RESOLVED

I’ve been running build 42 for several weeks and it’s been running real well. All of a sudden about 4 days ago I noticed my webpage was not updating with the noaa data and the climatedata. I went to Ave/extremes and the Noaa Style report seems to be correct(up to date). I checked the Detail Climate report and it did not update. Neither report were updated to the webfiles directory. I have manually updated and uploaded these files and they work. I have tried to re load WD and even went to version 43 and it’s still not updating. I don’t believe I did anything to cause this as I’ve left the system alone. I’m stumped. Brian let me know if you want me to email you my ini and ftpini files. Thanks.

Took a look at my site just now and noticed similar problems running .41:

  • My monthly reports show nothing for April or May.
    -Rain detail doesn’t have anything for 2011 at all.
    -Rainfall, Temperature and Wind Summaries are OK.
    -Climatological is mostly. The monthly report dropdown shows “2011 May” where all previous months are “monthname year” ie “April 2011”. April is missing a couple days mid-month.

I’ve pretty busy lately so haven’t paid much attention to my station other than keeping COCORAHS and Rainlog sites updated and verifying the main web page looks good and is updating.

were there any errors under view, program event log, at that time, jpmorgan49?

I do not have this problem here, or with the drop down of past months with build 43
(there has been no changes to the code there)

I did see a few errors that said could not write to .ini file, but that was at 0306 am. I didn’t see anything else.

mine is still updating auto,no problems, build 43

Maybe I’ll turn off the creation and let it run overnight. I’ll turn the creation on again tomorrow.

give the log file a lookie. it might have generated an error, something out of alignment that is telling the system that the day hasn’t ended. I recall that happened to me and I had not made any changes or updates.

I recall I went through the routine of rebooting the computer then went looking into the log file and found a data error.

I’ll take a look when I get home… Thanks.

No update again last night, I’m at a loss. I’ve rebooted my PC, reloaded then upgraded my build, my times all match on WD, PC and Console and I haven’t seen any errors. I’ve included jpg’s of my event log and data log. The logs were from 0530 this morning It appears to be ok to me.

.zip and email me your settings files and your datafiles and webfiles and logfiles folders and I will test here

no other reports of this particular problem and no problem here, so must be something on your end that has gone wrong

I thought I’d let the forum know that I found the solution/problem. I keep an accurate log of everything I do to my Weather Server since I placed it in operation in April 2010. I document every change, upgrade, problem, etc. This has paid off for me. I looked in my log to see what happened just before my problem started. It appears the day before my problem started I changed virus protection. I had been running Microsoft Security Essentials. It was working ok but my memory consumption keep going up during the week. I have 2GB of memory, after my Sunday reboot I would have about 800-900MB free. By the next Sunday before I did my weekly reboot I’d be down to 300-400MB Free. I decided to replace MSE with AVG Free to see if that helped. It actually didn’t help (not sure why the memory keeps going down) but for some reason AVG seemed to be causing my problem. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m running an Atom processor, or Windows 7 64-bit, or 2GB RAM or a combination of all of them. Last night I removed AVG and let the computer run overnight. This morning ALL files were created and updated. Now I just have to decide if I want to put MSE back on or leave it bare. I only use the browser to check my weather page, and I’m not sure if my wife uses it or not. I wanted to let the forum know how I resolved this issue in case someone appears to have a similar problem they can remove the virus protection for a day (if possible) and see what happens. Ok, I’m a Happy Camper and I can enjoy the rest of the Long Holiday Weekend.