Daily solar totals


Last year there was a question about the daily Solar total.
I think it is still not implemented in WD.

I got a question now from a visitor of my website if I could display daily solar totals because he has solar panels on the roof from his house.

Would be easier if this could be implemented.



There is a script that Murry Conarroe have created that shows the daily sunshine hours, see it in action here http://weather.wildwoodnaturist.com/wxsunhoursdetail.php

You could download it here, http://weather.wildwoodnaturist.com/downloads.php


Thanks, but that is not what I meant. I use that script already.
The visitor wants the daily Solar total in W/m2
The script from Murry does not show that.


Sorry, then I did missunderstand you. :oops:

Your request have been up for discussion earlier, http://discourse.weather-watch.com/p/393061

Yes, read that but I think Brian forgot to implement it in the daily report.
I don`t see it there in the daily report.

I hope Brian can add it.


via the
custom tags, for total kwh for the day

as included in the climatedatasolaruv.html , included in the install files, by murray