Daily Report hiccup

Not really sure if this a bug or a question but, on the year change, for some reason my daily report which is december2002.htm is only showing records from 24th December although I have been monitoring the weather since the beginning of December. Is there a way that these can be “forced” to show the dates previous. Nothing has been changed on WD and the computer has been logging since November.

the november2002.htm AND the December2002.htm both have only go as far at the26th. The december daily report goes the full month.

It hasn’t rolled over so I made a copy, renamed it and inserted it into data2htm.txt so it wouldn’t be lost until a solution is determined.

That’s what I have done too. Hope something can be sorted out.

its about 5 am, Brian should be rolling out of bed to the cows. he just might even break his newyears resolution and check thecomputer.

andy, you can force a recreation of the monthloy report files (back up the existing one first)
go to view, averages/extreme, then scroll down to the bottom, then see the reset the web page averages/extreme…
and then upload that fil using the action, manage my ftp server

day 2 of the new year here

i have fixed the bug with the missing links to the monthly reports in 9.41, but then realised i only fixed it for the weekrep.htm file and not for in the datahtm2.txt file, and so have done that now, and am uploading a 9.41a now

also, i discovered a bug there which has most likely been causign problems with web cam images not showing on the web page, etc

the file december2002.htm (Daily report) shows the fist and second two times, but i am missing the days from 26 - 30.
In former Times I could reset the webpage es explained, and all Days where perfect.
This time i get only two darkblue signs, and WD stops working. When i click “reset the webpage…” again, then again two darkblues signs appear, and nothing more happens.
The december2002.htm is empty.
I use 9.41b

it does take a while to finish
zip and email me your 122002lg.txt file and I will see whats up