Daily recorded rain data is garbage

I went to look at the action/correct rain readings section and found the daily readings incorrect.

For example, day 1 = 2mm; day 2 = 301mm; day 3 = 4mm. It is obvious which one is wrong!

So I changed day 2 to equal 2mm, and changed the box to day 2 to accept changes. Nothing changed!!

Now, I find my total my months rain indicates 2003!!!

Where has it got this information from?

I checked the log file 72003.txt in the WD logfiles folder, and found the data recorded was okay to about the 6th July, then became garbaged.

Anyone there who can tell me how to correct this as whatever I do seems not to sort itself out

i need to fix this (i thought it was OK)
please dont use this function until i get it sorted
zip and email me your 72003lg.txt log file and i will fix it up for you

also zip and email the file month72003.inf from the folder datafiles

i have done investigating
if you did not click on save changes, then it would stuff up
i have fixed that now in a new 9.84