Daily rainfall

The weather station says I received .25 inches of rain, but the software says I received .14. Whats up?

WD keeps its own rainfall totals separate from the station, so that you can assign rain reset times different to the weather station
so, set the starting values under setup, barometer offset and rainfall

Brian I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Shouldn’t the actual rain I receive be reflected by the software? Do I have to adjust rainfall totals after each rain event? Kind of confusing.

What Brian is saying is that there are settings in WD that define the “day” for accumulating rain. If those settings don’t match the day set in your weather station then the totals will differ. Another thing to check is that the date/time is set correctly on the PC.

in WD look on the setup menu at “Display units options/reset times/altitude/other settings”, and “values reset times option”

you only need to set WD’s rain total for the year and rain total for the month to date, once only

then wd accumalated the rain as the station sends it automaticly

and wd resets the daily rain total at the time you specifiy under setuip, units.

simple as that

I don’t know what happened but the problem fixed itself. Weather station and WD now match.