Daily rain totals on January2003.htm

Hi Brian
This one goes back a while [before Christmas]
The daily rain totals at the BOTTOM of the page are running a day
behind the actual event
ie If there was 3mm rain on the 14th it is shown as being on the 13th.

I have corrected it at Whitby Weather but not at Silverstream Weather.
:o :o

oh…i thought we had fixed that!
(for 9am main reset)
i will look at it again next week when i get back from holiday)

yup, same here
i will fix (ahh the 9am reset makes it tricky!)

hi leo
download a new vers, and it should be ok

Thanks Brian
There was no urgency as I know you are flat out fixing more
serious problems.
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: