daily max/min LED's added to main screen

if triggered, they flash for 10 seconds

then you can see, if watching , when a maximum gust for the last hour or day, etc , has been reached
neat me thinks
vinay’s idea that one!
whadya reckon mateys’ ?

Looks pretty good to me 8) :idea:

Hi Brian,
Yes, this is a nice addition now that I have read you description. When I first saw one of the blinking red lights, I was looking for someplace to turn it off. The forum sure helps clear things up. :smiley:

Andy Foppe

Brian ,
I know you wanted to get your electric fences soughted out ( and have the day off from WD )
When you find time could you add the option to change the colours of the LEDs

added this now…
and yes i do need to fix the electric fences as the cows are getting out!

Brian ,
Thanks for the colour option ( LED’s )
How about a colour option for the flashing LED ?
What about seperating the main LED colour ( and giving colour options ? )

I love keeping you on you toes
Just let me know when you start running out of ideas :idea:
Hope the cows are not wandering up the road again