Daily gust not updating monthly gust in generated html

I am using these taggs to create an html in order to send data to meteoclimatic

*UPD=%date% %time% *TMP=%temp% *WND=%10minavspeedinkmh% *AZI=%avdir10minute% *BAR=%baro% *HUM=%hum% *SUN=%VPsolar% *UVI=%VPuv% *DHTM=%maxtemp% *DLTM=%mintemp% *DHHM=%highhum% *DLHM=%lowhum% *DHBR=%highbaro% *DLBR=%lowbaro% *DGST=%todaygustspeedinkmh% *DSUN=%highsolar% *DHUV=%highuv% *DPCP=%dayrn% *WRUN=%windruntoday% *MHTM=%monthtodatemaxtempcelsius% *MLTM=%monthtodatemintemp% *MHHM=%monthtodatemaxhum% *MLHM=%monthtodateminhum% *MHBR=%monthtodatemaxbaromb% *MLBR=%monthtodateminbaromb% *MGST=%monthtodatemaxgustkmh% *MSUN=%mrecordhighsolar% *MHUV=%mrecordhighuv% *MPCP=%monthraininmm% *YHTM=%yrecordhightemp% *YLTM=%yrecordlowtemp% *YHHM=%yrecordhighhum% *YLHM=%yrecordlowhum% *YHBR=%yrecordhighbaro% *YLBR=%yrecordlowbaro% *YGST=%yrecordwindgust% *YSUN=%yrecordhighsolar% *YHUV=%yrecordhighuv% *YPCP=%yearlyraininmm% EOT

the output is this
*UPD=27/10/11 11:00 *TMP=11.3C *WND=8.6 *AZI=316 *BAR=1008.7 hpa *HUM=99 *SUN=60 *UVI=0.0 *DHTM=12.0C *DLTM=10.6C *DHHM=99 *DLHM=97 *DHBR=1008.7 hPa *DLBR=993.1 hPa *DGST=46.7 *DSUN=137 *DHUV=0.5 *DPCP= 19.2 mm *WRUN=60.97 *MHTM=27.8 *MLTM=4.9 *MHHM=99.0 *MLHM=18.0 *MHBR=1030.6 *MLBR=990.0 *MGST=46.3 *MSUN=828.0 *MHUV=5.6 *MPCP=163.6 *YHTM=34.1 *YLTM=4.9 *YHHM=99 *YLHM=17 *YHBR=1030.6 *YLBR=990.0 *YGST=46.7 *YSUN=970.0 *YHUV=6.4 *YPCP=269.7 EOT

the problem is the daily gust (DGST) for some reason every time it has a value of 46.7 it marks the monthly gust as 46.3(this has happened 3 times), the yearly gust is being updated as you can see
If my daily gust is > monthly gust surely it should update to a new monthly record MGST but it is not doing this, from what i see the DGST can’t be more than the MGST
if my daily gust is > YGST yearly gust then this should update too which it is.

This is causing me inconsistent data reports.
the funny thing is the correct monthly gust is being updated correctly on my web site as you can see herehttp://laracha-meteo.es/wxtrends.php

Further info

The correct data is showing in the monthly log file
The monthly/yearly/all time records are updating with the new data.
The Averages/Extremes/Noaa Reports is also not updating the monthly high gust

Averages\Extremes for the month of October 2011

Average temperature = 17.0C
Average humidity = 70%
Average dewpoint = 10.5C
Average barometer = 1018.1 hPa
Average windspeed = 4.0 km/h
Average gustspeed = 7.5 km/h
Average direction = 100 ( E )
Rainfall for month = 164.2 mm
Rainfall for year = 270.3 mm
Maximum rain per minute = 1.0 mm on day 19 at time 07:57
Maximum temperature = 27.8C on day 01 at time 14:50
Minimum temperature = 4.9C on day 25 at time 06:35
Maximum humidity = 99% on day 27 at time 11:25
Minimum humidity = 18% on day 15 at time 11:31
Maximum dewpoint = 18.8C on day 27 at time 15:55
Minimum dewpoint = -1.4C on day 14 at time 21:06
Maximum pressure = 1030.6 hPa on day 08 at time 07:37
Minimum pressure = 695.0 hPa on day 30 at time 16:02
Maximum windspeed = 27.8 kmh from 023(NNE) on day 07 at time 15:55
Maximum gust speed = 46.3 km/h from 023(NNE) on day 27 at time 09:06
Maximum heat index = 27.7C on day 02 at time 14:05
Avg daily max temp :21.4C
Avg daily min temp :13.5C
Growing degrees days :231.8 GDD
Corn growing degrees days :773.3 GDD

The minimum barometer reading is also out, showing 695.0hpa on day 30, but we are only on day 27??? it should be 999.0 on day 24

Ive tried converting log file to data file and this does not correct the data, also on the mainscreen graph the gust spike is showing the wrong value of 46.3 instead of 46.7
Also i’ve tried to convert all found log files and check for records and recreate last 31day graph data
i know its only 0.4 of a kmh but it spans the 46.5 which is rounded to either 46 or 47kmh so i’m getting maximum daily gust as 47kph and maximum monthly gust of 46kph which is imposible.

Any ideas what the problem is

Using WD 10.37Q. b84(i had this problem in Vb80 too but didn’t reach these gust values in previous versions)
Windows XP SP3, Davis vantage pro2 solar/UV and 24hour fars, USB conected no problems so far.

I’ve had to change the 46.7 to 46.3 across the board in order to get rid of the inconsistent data i was sending and get penalized for

its a rounding error
due to the fact the max gust stored in the data files is a whole number
(as your anenometer is not actualy more accurate than 1mph or so anyway)
whereas the daily maximum gust is stored as a number to 1 decimal place

Hi Brian, thanks for the reply but i’m still confused, why should it round ok for daily,yearly and all time and not for monthly.

Also as it happens i tried putting in 26kts and also 27kts but it still stayed at 46.3 in the monthly, wheras the yearly and alltime changed to 48.2 and 50 respectivly.
i would have thought that 46.7 would round to 47 not 46.3, although i saw it was stored as 25(kts presumably) which is the closest in full number kts

As of yet i haven’t had any other rounding error other than with 46.7 and also not had any higher gust since i started using WD.

And where did day 30 minimum barometer data come from as we are only on day 28? (as it happens this data put itself right during my fiddling)


Hi Brian, thanks for the reply but i'm still confused, why should it round ok for daily,yearly and all time and not for monthly.
the data for the monthly data is stored as a whole number only

Would it be possible to change the storage to 1 decimal place like the rest?
thanks for your time.