Daily GIF, causing godaddy overage, and interaction with Ken's tempates - arch?

Got an email yesterday that I am over my limit for my file+directory count in my root folder. (email is pasted below main post…)

… the main culprit is my WD daily graph, like this one.

The station monthly reports in Ken’s templates link to these… anyone else run into this issue? what did you do… other than the obvious… delete the older ones. I could archive the older ones but Ken’s pages would still be looking in root. Thoughts?


Dear Sir/Madam,

Regarding your hosting account mackweather.com:

It has come to our attention that your mackweather.com hosting account currently has an improper directory structure. More specifically, the following directories have greater than 1,024 files plus folders combined:

/html 1243 files and 39 directories

The amount of files/folders in this directory is causing an issue with backing up your account, as well as maintenance operations on the shared server. Each directory should have a total maximum of 1,024 files and folders. Any more than this can cause file system latency and slowness when accessing FTP and hosting from the Web.

We respectfully request that by 05/22/2011 you reduce your directories to have no more than 1024 files and folders combined.

If this is not completed by then, we will have to bring the directories into compliance on your behalf. Additionally, we ask that any scripts that automatically create these files be optimized to not create more than this amount. Please note, further excessive directory structures could be subject to an account suspension.

Which hosting plan do you use? When I had godaddy as my host I had something like 8,000 files and directories, because not only did I use it for my weather web site, but I also backed up all my photos. In total I had something like 1tb of files. I’d still be using them but I needed more concurrent ftp connections from the same ip than they allowed.

I don’t know when you left godaddy but from the dates of the items you get if you google “godaddy 1024 file limit” it looks like it may have started about a year ago.

its not total files, its files in one directory. As niko pointed out it looks like this started in the last year or so. I was was over 200 over the limit when I got flagged. I saw one guy who was 4 times the limit when he got the email.

Does not seem to matter size, 1000 1 gig files would be ok, but 1200 2K files would be a no no… a thousand files in a thousand directories would also be ok…

I actually got whistleblower’d. I submitted a support ticket about ftp response times on Saturday night. The only reason I did a ticket was because when they had a cron manager fail a while back and no one else complained and it was down for several weeks. In this case I complained about one issue, several hours later I got a “there’s nothing wrong here email” which was true it was fixed 2 hours after it started. The kicker was several hours after that getting this too many file email. So it looks like my email got a tech looking, then noticed I was over the magic 1024 number and the infraction was issued. So it appears to be manual and arbitrary in nature.

I wonder if I got onside by May 22, then went offside afterr that if anyone would notice?


I left just over a year ago. So it must have been just before they started the limit.
I use fatcow now and have been very happy with them.