CWOP WEB Site 12/19/02

From Russ Chadwick 12/19/02

There are currently 1426 entries in the Citizen Weather Observer Program data base. About half are for hams and the other half for non-hams. This message is being sent to all the people that I have e-mail addresses for.

I have recently changed the web site and added some new information links. There is also a new feature for viewing the hourly quality checking information. The web site URL is

The new feature is the second item under the quality checking link. I’ve currently got hourly quality checking data back to June 1, 2002 available there. If you’ve forgotten your CW number, just click on the members list link and do a search on the text file for your name or town and you’ll find your CW ID number. You’ll need this to look at your hourly quality checking results. If you find something that doesn’t seem to be working right, let me know. I’m not sure what will happen when several people try to look at their data at the same time. Unfortunately, this quality checking is only done on data from stations in the US. If anyone in the US is sending in weather data using the ID of CW0020, please contact me.

Thank you all for sending in your weather data. The data are being put to good use at a number of places around the country. We expect this citizen volunteer service to continue and expand in 2003.

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Holiday Season and Best Wishes for 2003 and again, thanks for your data.