CWOP Server Problems


I just wanted to say that WD is working fine sending CWOP reports. My station never missed a beat and switched using the rotate server setup as expected. Been a lot of chatter and finger pointing on the list so wanted to say WD is working great!

yes, I changed the ftpupd.exe program to use the rotate server as soon as the 2 tier servers were not available

I had forgoten to change the drop down selection list of alternative servers to use at the time, but I have done that now.
I am not on the CWOP mail list, so I am not aware of what goes on there apart from what people tell me :wink:

Yea, I was impressed that I didn’t know there was a problem, my WD was not having any problems sending data. Then someone on the list mentioned there data was not being ftp’d and we figured out his settings were wrong.

No problems with WD, it’s doing just what it’s supposed to do, rotate to the available server. I know Dave contacted you about making a change and I wanted to let you know that it works ok if setup correctly. The person on the list with the problem must not be a member here #-o

yes, the key thing, was, the new servers to rotate to I had added to the ftpupd.exe program way back when the problems started
the only thing I had not changed at the time was the drop down list to manualy select servers to rotate to and to select…thats all
thats where I think Dave was confused

The person on the list with the problem must not be a member here
Must not. :roll: