CWOP data sent twice


I discovered in APRS rawdata, that CWOP data is beeing sent twice.
I tried to figure out why, but didnt not find any hints.

Call sign is CW2628 - so sending time is at min 58, but there is also sent a data pack at min 53. :?
(see attached APRS raw data list)

  1. I tried to set sending time to “hourly” out of the choice box. - > that did not work → no data were sent.
  2. So I set sending time like 01:58, 02:58 etc. for each hour → data are sent at min 58 + min 53.

Dont know were that sending at min 53 comes from. Maybe its triggered by an error from CWOP-side?

Any ideas are welcome.


I haven’t changed or checked my CWOP settings for ages. I know like you that as my ID ends in 8 and I had WD set to send every 10 minutes as per the default it would be sent at 08,18,28,38,48 and 58 minutes as that frequency was what was recommended by CWOP in the early days to avoid server overload.
I have just looked at my data and it is being sent every 5 minutes now 08,13,18,23,28,33 etc whereas the upload times are still at 10 minute intervals so I assume Brian made that code change in WD however long ago? As you seem to have the data to be sent hourly then WD is sending that but also data 5 minutes before which Brian can confirm is coded into WD?

maybe you have 2 versions of WD running (and both sending with the same CWOP ID)

I checked carefully but there is no 2nd instance of WD running

there is nothing in the code to have it where it would be sent 2x at the same minute
is the readings the same?
maybe someone else is using your CWOP ID

Power down the computer for a period of time and see if the duplicate upload stops. If you still see an upload then a 2nd computer is doing the upload.

Maybe the OP is running WD as a service or scheduled auto-start app (older or same version) and then they upgraded and they are running WD as an interactive 2nd session.

What is the operating system?

Upon further inspection of the data I an see that there is a bigger issue than duplicate data. The problem is inconsistency of upload. That computer must be going to sleep or loosing Internet connection or freezing up or something. It is possible that the duplication of data at the intervals observed is rather a result of the freezing/stopping/sleeping that is occurring and the software is just completing something that was in the buffer as it went to sleep or when it last froze or lost network connection…etc. Therefore rather than tackle this as a data duplication issue I would look at this trying to figure out why it can’t consistently upload every 5 minutes for a consecutive 24 hour period.

Another unrelated issue. Your CWOP registration needs updating. You need to send an email to CWOP and have them update your Latitude and Longitude. You can see the error here:

As you can see there are too many zeros at the registered location.

Ignore that it thinks that there is an elevation problem. There is no elevation problem once you correct your location issue. The elevation problem is only showing up because of the wrong location registration. Therefore, fix the location issue and the elevation problem takes care of itself. That is if in fact your station is located there.

Send email to [email protected]
Tell them that your station CW2628 needs a location registration update to be changed to: 48.4900, 16.6587 (Latitude, Longitude). BUT…before you send that email maybe you should revise your location and elevation be be more accurate. Because at that Latitude and Logitude I don’t see anything on the map. I suppose you could have a weather station there but it seems unlikely being too far from any building unless this is some sort of remote setup. I mean it probably is close but I think you could narrow it down with a bit better precision. Just a guess. This location that you are sending via Weather-Display is suspect because of the zeros. Not that it isn’t valid…but I’ve seen this all too often and given the satellite image it seems that way to me.
Google Maps

The data are sent at xx.53 hr as well as at xx.58 hr.
They are slightly different like temperatur in decimal range etc (so these are 2 different data packets).

And no there is no other station nearby as our station is within the net of national weather monitoring listet at this weather observing location only.

I think he has it set to upload hourly.

Okay, yes you are right. It is set to hourly. What threw me off was the FindU graph with all the gaps: