I may be way lost here.

What I am attempting to do is have a custom file created using the tags WD has to output data the way I would like to see it so that I can include this in another web page.

I created the customweatherreport.txt in the Setup → Control Pannel → Edit Create and choosing the top bullet. I then created the text that I want and saved it.

I see the file in the WD directory on my workstation… but I don’t see it being sent to the website.

Unless I am lost as mentioned before.

that one is used for the weather report email

what you need to do is use the custom web page feature

either set that on, in the custom web page setup, in the ftp/internet setup (and tick to still update the normal page if you want)
or set times to create and upload the file witwh the customise internet and file creation setup (and all the other files too)
i.e create a file called wxlocal.html
with the custom tags, which is then converted to wx.html and uploaded
(and you can even set the remote file name too)

I just figured it out…

I used a file call txtsummary.txt which had the tags in it. It outputs to a file call txtsummary.html

I am including the text now (using a php include) from my main website to where the weather stuff is stored and I can now have on my main web page a summary of what is going on in text format.

In the txt version, I have used CSS tags so that I can change the color style etc when ever it is included by setting up the CSS tags in the original site.

Another question coming, but I will post it as it is a different subject.