customs tags

If anyone is interested, they are welcome to use my wxlocal30.html file. I’ve included a link to a zip file on my site containing the wxlocal30.html and an Excel spreadsheet with tags and their number in the wxlocal30.html.

Does this file include all the WD tags?


I don’t know whether anyone’s mentioned it before, but your image in your profile section is 214 kbyte. That’s a lot for a 100x100 pixel stamp. Wonder whether you could save some bandwidth by making this smaller?


That’s the one in your sig, below the posting. The one on the left,, is about 220k.

There are a number of tags you will never use. Its best, to only put the ones you need in the file. Remember that WD generates that each cycle, the more in there, the longer it will take (and upload).

I use one that I generated a long time ago. (attached)

It uses a | as a delimiter.

tagfile.txt (16.1 KB)