Customize my Web Page

I want to customise the web page so that all it has is the dials but I just can’t see how to do this. I have searched all of the screens but to no avail.
e.g. I don’t want any of the graphs uploaded etc

See this thread and about half way down there are instructions on how to create a custom page.

Via Setup and then the ‘WebFiles’ tab you can set to upload the dial images… untick the other uploads and the files are created in the webfiles folder under c:\wdisplay

good luck… Aad

you can also fine tune which files to be updated/uploaded
setup, customise file creation and upload

you can even set the time to update a wxlocal.html to wx.html file and the times to upload to your web page from this setup screen

i am planing on splitting out the webfiles and webfiles2 sections from the ftp setup into there own setup screen, to speed up the display time of the ftp setup on pc;s without much memory (64 mb or less) or speed