Customise Internet And File Creation Setup

Using the customise internet and file creation setup is recommended, as you then have more control over what files are created and uploaded and how often
1: You need to turn the override switch on , to use this setup (i.e with this switch on, the upload times in the FTP/Internet setup, upload times, are not used (they upload all the files selected to upload in the webfiles/web page setup)
2: The main internet switch needs to be on (you also set that in the FTP/internet setup, connections setup). You can set the FTP settings here too (otherwise you set them in the control panel, FTP/internet setup, connections setup)
3: The 1 minute setting here is an override. If you want the files to be created every minute, this override needs to be set on…otherwise the files are created (or uploaded to your web site) at the times you set
4: These are the individual 1 minute update overrides (needs to be set on if you want to update or upload the files for that file every minute)
Note that the 1 minute setting also needs to be set in the create or upload times.
(this makes it easy to enable or disable every 1 minute create or upload for selected files (as long as the 1 minute setting is also set in the create and upload times), otherwise the times set are used instead (eg every 5 minutes)
5: There are other files in this 2nd tab (e.g File #22, wxlocal.html (i.e a template file, in the webfiles folder, containing custom tags), which is then converted to wx.html (with the custom tags replaced), and uploaded as that file name…and you can set a different remote file name)
6: To set the create and upload times, you click on the set button, for the file needed, first
7: If the switch in the create times or upload times is on, then then LED will be green

1: Click on set next to the web file you want to be create (and then uploaded to your web site (optional))
which then opens up the times setup (see image above)
2: Use these buttons to set create (or upload) frequencies
3: You need to turn the switch on here ,for the file to be created (or uploaded if in the upload setup)
4: Tick the each minute setting if you want the file to be created (or uploaded) every minute (as long as the other every minute settings are set (see above)
5: Make sure to click on OK to save the settings before clicking on show upload times ( where you set the upload times), and then click on set again to get back to then click on show upload tims, or at least click on save changes
6: Click on show upload times to then be able to set the times to upload (FTP to your web site) the selected file
Note that some web images , the data only changes daily (eg astronomical data), so no point in having that file created and uploaded too frequently

1: Set the times to upload the selected file
2: Here you set the remote (i.e on your web site) file name. Note that the local file name becomes the remote file name by default
(for file #1, that is set in the webfiles/web page setup, station file name)
3: If you want the selected file to go to a different remote directory rather then the default one, then set that directory (must be below the normal remote directory as set in the FTP settings) and then tick to use that different remote directory
4: Make sure to turn the switch on so that the selected file is uploaded
5: If you want the selected file to upload every minute, instead of at the set upload frequency, then tick the every minute setting
(note that you also need the other every minute setting in the first customise internet and file creation setup and the override every minute setting set there too (see aboveO