Custom web page setup, special file conversion


I have setup a testtags.txt file to be renamed and uploaded to my site at the WD Control Panel, Web Files/Web Page setup, Custom web page setup tab, special file conversion. Local file:testtags.txt, remote filename:testtags.php

When I click the test button the testtags.php file is created in my webfiles folder.

But after that nothing happens - no new testtags.php creation and no upload to my website.

See attached screen dump with my settings.

What can be the problem? (For all my WD files I use “Internet Fil Creation & Uploads”

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there is a place in the customise internet and file creation setup to set the times to create and upload the special file conversion

Hi Windy

Thanks - its working now.

Have a nice day

KICK !!!

But do I have to switch override on ?

Have it :
creating time any 5 minutes but it does only at xx.41h
upload each 5 minutes (same as creating time with a delay of 1 min.)

but nothing happens (only at update internet xx.42h) ?
what to do more ? see att


Yes, override must be on for those to work. - Jim

OK, override needs to be on for the “customise internet and file creation setup” to work. Does the switch still need to be set to “ON” in the Custom web page setup tab, special file conversion?

Also, how would one go about completely turning everything off in the “customise internet and file creation setup” and starting over from scratch? I can’t seem to get some of the “file create” green lights to turn off.

first please see your original thread