Custom Weather report email

HI I’m really a novice when in comes to working out what to do , I’m looking at making a template for the email via ftp tab area , almost like the defult but all I would like to do is add inside temp trend into the line

has anyone got an original format , so I can edit it and make it work , this is a copy of how I would like to make it work in bold is what I would like added

** a humidity trend would be nice too

Conditions: Dry
Temperature: 13.5 �C
Trend: -0.2 �C /hr
Average windspeed: 1.9 km/h
Current speed: 1.1 km/h
Direction: S 180 �
Barometer: 1009.0 MB (1009.0 hPa )
Pressure trend +0.6MB/hr
Humidity: 99 %
Dew point: 13.3 �C
Todays rain: 0.0 mm
Monthly rain: 6.0 mm
Yearly rain: 168.3 mm
Maximum temperature: 13.7 �C at time: 12:00 AM
Minimum temperature: 13.4 �C at time: 1:08 AM
Maximum gust today: 5.0 kmh S at time: 12:53 AM
Max gust last 10 mins:: 5.6km/h
Current Windchill: 13.5 �C
Indoor Temp.: 22.9 �C
Indoor Temp Trend : xx.x C
Indoor Hum.: 60 %
Created by “Weather Display” version 10.37Q Build 65 0:59:41 14.6.2012
Time of Weather report: 1:10:17 Date of report:14/06/12

create the template file from that output
then change the values to the corresponding custom tags
and add in any more data you require

someone might have a template file to share

many thanks for your assistance Brian , i was wondering if you have got the template for the default wd format ?